Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings

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By Jason Sablich

Below are our Week 1 fantasy football rankings. These will update throughout the week, depending on injury and other news updates, up until about an hour before Sunday’s first game. Traditionally, our rankings have been rated among the most accurate in the United States by the website FantasyPros.com* (more info below).

* As in years’ past, the website FantasyPros.com will be rating the accuracy of our rankings, along with many, many other experts, using their own methodology. We can’t claim to understand exactly how they come up with their accuracy ratings, and they changed how they calculate the accuracy ratings prior to the 2016 season. When FantasyPros used their original methodology, what they called PAY, we rated very well. We finished in the Top 5 in four straight seasons (2011 – 2014). In total, we were rated the second most accurate overall over a five year stretch (2011 – 2015). Last season, under the new methodology, we ranked 47th out of 132 experts, which was surprising to us based on the positive feedback we received from our readers throughout the season. So make of that what you will, but we’ll continue to do our best to bring you the best advice we can regardless. 

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