Josh Gordon Opens Up About Drug Use; May Reapply For Reinstatement Soon

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In a recent documentary, suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon opened up about the substance abuse which has gotten him suspended for 43 of his past 48 NFL games. Gordon came clean about his drug use, dating back to his college days at Baylor. In a video interview for the website The Uninterrupted, Gordon listed alcohol, Xanax, codeine, cocaine, marijuana, and cough syrup as some of the substances he’s abused over the years. He told the reporter in the interview that he felt it was “therapeutic” to come clean about his issues with drugs. In regards to his most recent rehab stay, Gordon stated, “And then just something click in my head at that point, it’s like ‘man, you did it again. You’re willing to throw away everything you ever worked hard for, everything you ever had out of life.” Gordon was eligible to apply for reinstatement to the NFL in September but it was reported that he was waiting to do so in conjunction with the interview. Gordon, if conditionally reinstated, would still likely have to serve a four-game suspension before he could appear in regular season games. Here’s hoping he finally got the help he needs and is able to open up a new chapter in his life.

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