About 5th Down Fantasy

5thDownFantasy.com is a fantasy football news and analysis website founded by Justin Sablich. The Sablich brothers (Jason and Justin) have been writing about and providing player rankings for The New York Times since 2010. This website was established in 2016 as a home for supplemental fantasy football coverage by the Sablich brothers, but has since grown into a well-rounded destination for fantasy football news, statistics and analysis, featuring a growing network of contributors.

About the Sablich Brothers

The Sablich brothers were enjoying a beer (or three) during the Christmas holiday of 2009 when it dawned on them: “hey, we’re pretty good at playing fantasy football, what if we pitched to The New York Times that we start writing about it?”

Since the 2010 N.F.L. season, Jason and Justin Sablich have been writing about fantasy football for The Times. Between 2011 and 2015, their preseason player rankings and weekly player rankings, were rated the 2nd most accurate among all fantasy football experts in the country by FantasyPros.com. They are the only experts to have ranked in the Top 5 in weekly rankings accuracy in four-straight years (2011 – 2014).

Justin Sablich (Editor in Chief)

Justin is a cross-platform journalist and social media strategist. He was a digital editor at The New York Times for over 10 years and is currently a freelance journalist and social media consultant.

Jason Sablich

Jason is mainly responsible for 5thDownFantasy’s player rankings, which have become known to be among the most accurate in the industry. He is currently earning his degree in online marketing in between gigs as one of New York state’s finest bass players.

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Contributing Writers

J.D. Bagley (@jdbagley5)

Corey Brooks (@CoreyB08)

Marcus Drake

Alex Gregory

John Lowery

James Reagan (@James__Reagan)

Ian Rosen (@iozen9)  

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Fantasy Pros PAY Accuracy Rankings

Weekly Rankings

Overall, from when the Sablich brothers started submitting their rankings to fantasypros.com for grading in 2011 to when fantasypros.com ended their PAY ratings system, they ranked No. 2 overall out of the 27 experts that were rated in each of those years.

2015: 14th out of 123 experts

2014: 5th out of 125 experts

“The Sablich Brothers (The New York Times) finished in the 96th percentile (a fancy term for 5th place) and, amazingly, it ties for the “lowest” ranking they’ve achieved in their 4 seasons in the competition: #3, #3, #5, #5. That’s a good model of consistency right there.” – fantasypros.com, 12/23/2014

2013: 3rd out of 123 experts

“The Sablich Brothers (The New York Times) have entered the competition 3 times and placed in the top 5 on each occasion. No other expert has a better 3-year run going right now.” – fantasypros.com, 1/7/2014

2012: 3rd out of 87 experts

2011: 5th out of 67 experts

Preseason Rankings

Overall, between 2011 and 2014, they ranked No. 2 overall out of the 32 experts that were graded in each of those years.

2014: 17th out of 167 experts

2013: 5th out of 129 experts

2012:  26th out of 91 experts

2011: 15th out of 84 experts


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