Monday, 23 April 2018
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Browns Continue To Be Linked To Josh Allen

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As the date for the 2018 NFL draft approaches, the Cleveland Browns continue to be frequently linked with quarterback Josh Allen of Wyoming. The rumors began back in January, when an NFL executive told reporters that general manager John Dorsey really liked Allen and would take him with the first overall pick. That rumor was followed by Dan Patrick recently telling listeners on his radio show that three sources told him the Browns are pretending to like Sam Darnold in attempts to get the New York Giants to trade up from the No. 2 overall spot. Peter King added fuel to the fire by writing that the Browns liked Allen this past Monday. All this, of course, needs to be taken with a grain of salt as NFL teams rarely tell the truth to anyone during draft season. The Browns being linked constantly with Allen could simply be a smokescreen. If nothing else, things should get interesting when the Browns go on the clock on April 26 in Arlington, Texas.

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